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WhoGoHost | How to Login

Do you want to access the WhogoHost login Dashboard? Open your web browser and type, click the Myaccount button and enter your username and password to access the dashboard. This article provide the step-by-step guide to login to the whogohost dashboard.

WhoGoHost is a Nigerian company that hosts websites. It has a wide range of services, from hosting a WordPress site to designated cloud hosting. It’s safe to say that both beginners and experts are the service’s core audience, though their success rates vary. It’s not going to be the best website hosting service we suggest, but it does have excellent customer support and a number of simple features.

WhoGoHost | How to Login

It is one of the top-notch web hosting providers in Nigeria. It offers shared hosting, Cloud solutions, reseller bundles, and VPS to local and local customers. The company is a credited IBM business partner, InterSwitch Partner, G Suite Reseller, and CloudFlare proficient partner.

How To Register A Domain Name With WhoGoHost

A great domain name is the first step to making a great website. A perfect domain tells the right thing about who you are or what your business is about. You can get a good domain because there are more than 400 domain extensions to choose from. Need a domain extension that isn’t on the list? Not a problem. You can easily ask for the domain extension you need.

The.COM.NG domain extension is Nigeria’s great online identity and second level domain (SLD). It’s a great resource for individuals and companies who want to grow their brand or service in Nigeria. Whether you are from Nigeria or not, registering a.COM.NG domain will give your website the local presence and credibility it needs to succeed. It will also make it easier for you to reach your target market or audience in Nigeria by helping your SEO ranking on search engines for words in the region.

WhoGoHost | How to Login

You can access Log in to WhogoHost Account Dashboard following the two (2) steps below.

Method 1: Logging in via the URL

Sign Up | Create Account on WhogoHost

  • Go to URL: on your web browser
  • Click My Account Link
  • Click the Create Account link
  • Fill all details and submit

How To Set Up Your Hosting Account For Email Hosting

Before you can use email services on your Domain, you must add the right records to your DNS settings. These MX records need to be made on your Domain’s authoritative Name Servers. If you don’t have the right permissions to make these records, you need to ask your DNS manager to do it for you.

Follow the steps below to get a full list of all the required DNS records, including the MX records:

  • Click on Hosting & Services from your client area dashboard.
  • Click on the email hosting product whose records you want to get. You will be taken to the page about the product.
  • Under “Overview” in the hosting management area, click on “Option 2.” A list of records, like MX, CNAME, and TXT records, will be shown. You should add these records to your domain. In addition to MX records, you need to add CNAME records and TXT records (DKIM and SPF records) for your email hosting package to work with your brand.

Get Access To WhoGoHost Site Backups

Few things are as important as having a storage of your site. Almost all businesses will have problems at some point, either because they lose data or because they are attacked online. Site backups make sure that if something bad happens, you’ll be able to get a site back to the way it was before the problem happened. It goes without saying that this can save a lot of stress and worry.

WhoGoHost’s CodeGuard Website Storage lets you back up your site. CodeGuard is a well-known service for backing up and keeping an eye on sites, so this is a good thing. For example, top competitors like Bluehost use CodeGuard. CodeGuard will give you excellent service, and you can rest easy knowing that your site will be protected and backed up.

How to Buy SSL Certificates From WhoGoHost

In the world we live in now, a lot of sensitive business is done online. People log into websites and pay for goods and services there. The list goes on and on. People might try to steal these transactions, so it’s important to keep them safe. SSL certificates are used for this. If your site has an SSL certificate, every communication is encrypted so that only the source and the destination can understand it.

WhoGoHost VPS: How to Use It

A virtual private server (VPS) is a private sserver that is hosted in the cloud and runs on a computer that has more than one linux kernel. Through a hosting provider like Whogohost, it makes resources available to the end user on the internet.

  • A VPS is used when your website uses more resources than your shared hosting plan can handle.
  • You can also use a VPS if your site needs applications that a shared hosting plan can’t handle.
  • You need VPS when you need extra security because the data and transactions are sensitive.

WhoGoHost  Promo Code

Do you know that you can get the lastest Whogohost Coupon Codes and deals for free? These can be used to save a lot of money on hosting services, domain names, web design, and Hosting Security. In fact, this is one way to start your online journey for less money.

With these WhoGoHost coupon code deals, you can save a lot on any purchase you make from this Nigerian company, which is the best at Web Hosting and Domain Registration.


There is no alternative for good speed and efficiency when it comes to web hosting. Every hosting package at WhoGoHost, from shared hosting to VPS and dedicated servers, includes a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Servers are hosted in safe locations and run on an enterprise grade system capable of supporting high-end software and services.