Ways to Secure Your Industrial Training Placement

Ways to Secure Your Industrial Training Placement

Finding an IT placement to fulfill your SIWES requirements at school can be difficult. Industrial Training provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on industrial experience related to their course of study.

The majority of students struggle during their industrial training due to a lack of availability and, at times, a lack of the necessary experience to conduct the search. Here are four strategies for increasing your chances of success:

Start early

Some students prefer to wait until the appropriate time has arrived before beginning their search. This is not correct. Those who have started submitting their letters to various firms well in advance are more likely to get them. Begin early to inform those around you, and submit your letters requesting industrial training well in advance.

Send in as many IT letters as you can

Get as many SIWES / IT letters signed by your school’s SIWES coordinator as possible and submit them to as many related firms as possible. This will allow you to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible.

Go to related firms

When looking for IT space, it is critical that you visit firms or companies that are closely related to your field of study. Most students concentrate all of their efforts on oil and gas companies, ignoring other companies from which they could learn a lot. This is incorrect. Concentrate your efforts on companies that are interested in your field of study, and you will find it easier to secure a position.

Emphasize on Knowledge

Most students get jobs but turn them down because the pay is low or non-existent. While money is important, it should not be the only goal of your Industrial training experience. So, if the company has demonstrated that you will learn a lot, it is better for you to forego monetary gain in exchange for knowledge that will benefit you in the future.