Easy Ways to Obtain JAMB Profile Code 2024 for JAMB Registration

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To begin the process of JAMB Registration 2024, you need to obtain the 10 digit JAMB Profile Code 2024 in order to start registering for JAMB. Know that the Code is unique to every JAMB candidate, and no candidate is expected to have two or more codes.

These documents explain in detail the easiest way to generate profile code, that will be used to register JAMB 2024.

Steps to Obtain JAMB Profile Code

There are several ways to obtain the Profile code. One of the ways is the used the SMS method where candidates will send in the format “NIN XXXX XXX XXXX” to 55019 or 66019, where XXXX represents the NIN Number of candidates.

In other words, do the following to receive JAMB profile code 2024;

  1. Own NIN – National Identification Number
  2. Own a SIM Card
  3. Insert SIM Card in your Phone
  4. Power On the phone
  5. Recharge to have airtime in your Line
  6. Open Message box
  7. Type as SMS “NIN your Nin Number” e.g NIN 00134387858
  8. Send to 55019 or 66019
  9. Ensure you are debited and a message containing your Name, Profile Code, and other instructions will be sent to your line.

Creating Profile Code Using USSD Method.

Here is another simple method to create a profile Code. All you need to do is just dial the code in the following format.


A message containing your profile information will be sent to you.

How to Obtain NIN Number

Candidates can obtain National Identity Number NIN through a licensed NIN registration Centre.

All you need to do is locate any centre nearest to you to enroll.

In a case where you already enrolled and misplaced the NIN Slip, you can dial *346# in the cell phone used to register the NIN, and a message containing your 11-digit NIN number will be sent to you.

Related Issues Candidates Faced during the Profile Creation Process

NIN Number saying “No Record Found”

Candidates are supposed to visit the JAMB Registration Portal 2024 for more information.

Know that, NIN is validated within 2 months from the date of enrollment. Where a candidate NIN is saying No Record Found, you are supposed to visit the NIN enrollment Centre requesting Validation, and the enrollment officer assists the candidates to validate NIN.

Where You Receive Respond as Err Error

Please ensure to resend the SMS to 55019 or 66019. This could be an error message from your network provider.

Can I Use My Parent NIN?

No. Your NIN carries your unique details such as Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Address, Phone number, Height, and so on. So if you used your parent NIN number, their details will be used instead.

Can I Use my Parent’s SIM?


If you encounter more difficulties, solutions can have professed here.

So send us a message and will attend to you.