Costly Mistakes Undergraduates Should Avoid

Costly Mistakes Undergraduates Should Avoid

Every day, we meet a lot of people, mostly young people with big dreams for the future. However, when you sit with them and ask them deeper questions about why they make certain decisions, they appear to have no idea what they have done. Analyzing the situation, I discovered some errors that they made in the long run, some of which are listed below:


As a statement, it sounds fine, but its context in the educational landscape appears strange. Most students today have no idea what is going on around them because all they seem to be concerned about is classes, reading textbooks and materials given to them by their respective lecturers… As a result, they receive good grades and are promoted to the next level. Is that the end of it?

Many people have forgotten that school is only a primer for what the real world has to offer. That is why today we have graduates with first and second class degrees who have no specific skill and complain about not being employed, despite the fact that they cannot even open MSWORD with a mouse or shut down a computer. They would go on to blame the witches of their mother’s and father’s land for every misfortune, despite the fact that they can’t even hold a steady conversation about sports, politics, music, books… Consider thinking outside the box and seeing what the real world has to offer.

Learning To Write A Curriculum Vitae Mentality

Knowing what it takes to write a great CV is not a bad idea. But have you ever considered what life would be like if you didn’t have to write a CV? Is it a bad idea to have people submit to you as opposed to you submitting to them and putting your fate and destiny in the hands of another person, especially when they may not even read it?

However, not putting all of your effort into writing a CV will open a window of opportunity because your thinking will not be restricted and thus, while you consider a person employing you, you can also consider creating employment and employing others, a win-win situation, right? But, come to think of it, the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people have never sat down to write a CV (In doubt? Google is your friend). So, instead, use that paper as a drawing board and sketch the structure of a perfect business plan with what you have, and watch your small efforts go viral.


The two make ideal dream assassins. Never, ever dive into their arms. Nothing should make you regret where you are, what course you are taking, or pity yourself for nothing, because you will never make it in life if you do.

Do not compare yourself to your neighbors who are studying engineering, medicine, law, or whatever else, because these fields do not guarantee life security. Your security comes from within, so ignore the crowds who dismiss your field of study and focus on carving out a niche for yourself in whatever industry you find yourself in. Look deep within yourself to discover what you enjoy doing the most, then integrate it into what you are doing now, and if you do not succeed in life, doubt my credibility.

Life and wealth are up for grabs for the brave, so let others waste their time laughing while it becomes your driving force and motivator.


If you want to be successful, avoid being found on the wrong side of town. If you want to make friends, I recommend finding people who are better and more experienced than you, or you can look for people who share your goals and motivations.

Friends can have such an impact on you that I can say categorically that sometimes what you become is directly influenced by the actions of the friends you keep. I’ll tell you who you are if you show me your friend. Do not associate with loafers, cultists, jesters, party captains and lords, smokers and sniffers… or your life will plunge headfirst into the ocean of destruction. To summarize, anyone who cannot contribute to your life in any way (physically, spiritually, morally, technically…) should be BLACKLISTED. There should be no room for complacency because the road ahead is long, and any excess baggage should be abandoned.


This is the most lethal of all errors, because if you haven’t made any plans for tomorrow, brother, you’re on a free ride to failure with no strings attached. We all join the rat race to higher education, but what happens after that? We become entangled in life’s traffic jam!

The primary reason you will fail is if you do not have a plan, so study medicine or guidance and counseling, but without a plan, you are NOTHING! Learn how to set goals and make plans to achieve them. Set goals for yourself and work toward them. Never assume that your parents will always pay your bills or that you will always get free food and rides. Wake up, that’s a big fantasy! Make attainable plans and establish structures to meet them; it may take weeks or months, but what matters is that you are working toward something, as opposed to others who are working toward nothing.