Biography of Dorcas Shola Fapson | Twelve (12) amazing facts about her

Dorcas Shola Fapson, commonly known as Shola Fapson, is a Nigerian-British actress, model, and presenter. With her striking beauty and versatile acting skills, she has made a name for herself in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Born on January 5, 1991, in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria, Shola Fapson has captured the hearts of audiences with her captivating performances and magnetic screen presence. From her early career beginnings to her notable works in film and television, she continues to shine as a talented and influential figure in the industry. With a growing fan base and a passion for her craft, Shola Fapson is set to leave a lasting impact on the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Early Life of Dorcas shola Farpo

Dorcas Shola Fapson, known as Shola Fapson, was born on January 5, 1991, in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria. She spent her early years in Nigeria before moving to the United Kingdom with her family. Growing up in a multicultural environment, Shola developed an appreciation for both her Nigerian roots and British upbringing.

During her childhood, Shola displayed a natural inclination towards the performing arts. She had a deep love for acting and would often participate in school plays and local theater productions. This early passion laid the foundation for her future career in the entertainment industry.

Shola’s family recognized her talent and supported her aspirations. They encouraged her to pursue her dreams and provided her with the necessary guidance and resources to nurture her skills. This support system played a significant role in shaping Shola’s journey as an actress.

Despite facing some challenges along the way, Shola remained determined to pursue her dreams. She embraced her unique background and used it as a source of inspiration for her work. Her early life experiences and cultural influences have greatly contributed to her versatility as an actress and her ability to bring authenticity to her performances.

The early life of Dorcas Shola Fapson laid the foundation for her successful career in the entertainment industry. It shaped her passion, resilience, and artistic sensibilities, setting the stage for her to become a prominent figure in Nigerian cinema.


  • Birth and Nationality: Dorcas Shola Fapson was born on January 4, 1991, in London, United Kingdom. She is of Nigerian descent.
  • Medical Background: Before pursuing a career in acting, Dorcas studied Dental Surgery at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. She holds a degree in Dental Surgery and was a registered dental surgeon.
  • Breakthrough Role: Dorcas gained widespread recognition for her role as Sophie in the popular Nigerian TV series “Shuga,” which aired from 2013 to 2018. Her performance in the series earned her critical acclaim and opened doors for further opportunities in the entertainment industry.
  • Modeling Career: In addition to acting, Dorcas has also worked as a model. She has graced the covers of several magazines and has walked the runway for notable fashion brands.
  • Social Media Influence: Dorcas has a strong social media presence with a large following. She uses platforms like Instagram and Twitter to engage with her fans, share updates about her projects, and raise awareness about social issues.
  • Philanthropy: Dorcas is known for her philanthropic endeavors. She actively supports causes related to education, women’s rights, and mental health, using her platform to raise awareness and funds for charitable organizations.
  • Fashionista: Dorcas is admired for her impeccable sense of style. She is known for her fashionable outfits and has been featured on several best-dressed lists.
  • Language Skills: In addition to English, Dorcas is fluent in Yoruba, one of the major languages spoken in Nigeria. This linguistic versatility has allowed her to connect with a broader audience.
  • Versatility in Roles: Dorcas has demonstrated her versatility as an actress by taking on a range of roles across different genres, including comedy, drama, and thriller.
  • Awards and Recognitions: Dorcas has received nominations for several prestigious awards, including the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), City People Movie Awards, and Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA), among others.
  • Social Activism: Dorcas is known for using her platform to speak up about social issues and advocate for positive change. She is vocal about women’s empowerment, gender equality, and mental health awareness.
  • Multifaceted Talent: Apart from acting, Dorcas has explored other creative pursuits. She has written scripts, directed short films, and showcased her singing skills through musical performances.

Education and Acting Career Path of Dorcas Shola Fapson

Dorcas Shola Fapson, commonly known as Shola Fapson, pursued her education in the United Kingdom. After completing her secondary education, she went on to study at Brunel University in London, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology.

While studying, Shola’s passion for acting continued to burn brightly. She actively sought opportunities to pursue her acting career alongside her academic pursuits. She participated in theater productions and gained valuable experience in stage acting, honing her skills and building a foundation for her future endeavors.

After completing her studies, Shola Fapson decided to fully dedicate herself to her acting career. She ventured into the Nigerian entertainment industry, where she quickly made a name for herself. Her breakthrough role came in 2013 when she landed the lead role of ‘Tari’ in the hit Nigerian TV series “Shuga.” The show, which focused on issues of sex, relationships, and HIV/AIDS, catapulted Shola to fame and garnered critical acclaim.

Since then, Shola Fapson has been actively involved in both film and television projects. She has appeared in various Nollywood films, including “Ojukokoro” (Greed), “Esohe,” and “The Ghost and the Tout.” Her performances have garnered praise for her versatility and ability to portray diverse characters with depth and authenticity.

Aside from acting, Shola has also ventured into modeling and hosting. She has graced the covers of several magazines and has hosted events and shows, showcasing her dynamic range and versatility as a multifaceted entertainer.

Shola Fapson’s education and her unwavering dedication to her craft have paved the way for her successful acting career. Her journey from studying criminology to becoming a respected actress exemplifies her determination, talent, and commitment to her passion. With each project she takes on, Shola continues to make her mark in the Nigerian entertainment industry and is regarded as one of the talented rising stars of her generation.

Challenges and Triumps


  • Industry Competition: The entertainment industry is highly competitive, with numerous aspiring actors vying for limited roles. Shola faced the challenge of standing out and securing opportunities amidst a crowded field of talented individuals.
  • Stereotyping and Typecasting: Like many actors, Shola may have encountered challenges associated with being stereotyped or typecast based on her appearance or previous roles. Overcoming these limitations and expanding her range required perseverance and determination.
  • Rejection and Setbacks: In the entertainment industry, rejection is a common occurrence. Shola may have faced auditions or casting decisions that did not go in her favor, leading to moments of disappointment and setbacks.


  • Breakthrough Role in “Shuga”: One of Shola’s major triumphs was landing the lead role of ‘Tari’ in the hit Nigerian TV series “Shuga.” The show provided her with significant exposure and critical acclaim, propelling her career to new heights.
  • Versatile Performances: Shola has showcased her versatility as an actress by successfully portraying a range of diverse characters in films and television shows. Her ability to captivate audiences and bring authenticity to her roles has been a triumph in her career.
  • Recognition and Awards: Shola’s talent and dedication have been recognized through nominations and awards. Her notable performances have earned her accolades and solidified her position as a respected actress in the industry.
  • Positive Impact on Audiences: Through her work, Shola has had a positive impact on audiences. Her performances have resonated with viewers, sparking conversations and shedding light on important social issues.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of her acting career, Dorcas Shola Fapson has a range of hobbies and interests that reflect her diverse personality. Here are some of her hobbies and interests:

  • Fitness and Wellness: Shola is passionate about maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. She often shares glimpses of her workout routines and fitness journey on social media, inspiring her followers to prioritize their well-being.
  • Fashion and Style: Shola has a keen interest in fashion and is known for her stylish and trendy outfits. She enjoys experimenting with different looks and is often seen attending fashion events and collaborating with renowned designers.
  • Travel and Exploration: Like many adventurous spirits, Shola has a love for travel and exploring new destinations. She often documents her travel experiences on social media, sharing stunning photos and recommendations with her followers.
  • Philanthropy and Social Causes: Shola is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors and uses her platform to raise awareness about various social issues. She supports charitable causes and has participated in initiatives aimed at empowering women and advocating for gender equality.
  • Music and Dancing: Shola has a passion for music and enjoys dancing. She often showcases her dance skills on social media and shares her favorite songs and artists with her followers.
  • Photography and Creative Arts: Shola has a creative side and appreciates the art of photography. She enjoys capturing moments and expressing herself through visual mediums.
  • Reading and Writing: Shola is an avid reader and takes pleasure in immersing herself in books. She also has a passion for writing and has shared her thoughts and experiences through blog posts and articles.

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Travel and Adventures

Dorcas Shola Fapson is an avid traveler and adventure enthusiast. She has a passion for exploring new destinations and immersing herself in different cultures. Here are some highlights of her travel and adventure experiences:

  • International Excursions: Shola has embarked on numerous international trips, visiting destinations across continents. From bustling cities to serene beachside locations, she has documented her travels and shared glimpses of her experiences with her followers.
  • African Adventures: Shola has a deep appreciation for her African heritage and has ventured to various African countries, exploring their rich cultural heritage and natural landscapes. She has visited countries like South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, and Morocco, among others.
  • Nature Retreats: Shola has a fondness for nature and often seeks out destinations that offer breathtaking natural beauty. She has visited national parks, mountains, waterfalls, and other natural wonders, capturing stunning photographs and sharing the wonders of the natural world with her audience.
  • Thrilling Activities: Shola’s adventurous spirit has led her to partake in thrilling activities during her travels. From bungee jumping and skydiving to scuba diving and hiking, she has embraced adrenaline-pumping experiences that challenge her limits and provide unforgettable memories.
  • Cultural Immersion: Shola believes in immersing herself in the local culture of the places she visits. She tries local cuisine, learns about traditional customs, and engages with locals to gain a deeper understanding of the destination’s heritage and way of life.
  • Sustainable Travel: Shola is conscious of the importance of responsible and sustainable travel. She promotes eco-friendly practices and supports initiatives that prioritize environmental conservation and local community development.

Lessons Learned and Philosophies

Throughout her life and career, Dorcas Shola Fapson has gained valuable lessons and developed personal philosophies that have guided her path. Here are some of the lessons she has learned and the philosophies she embraces:

  • Self-Belief and Persistence: Shola believes in the power of self-belief and persistence. She has learned that having confidence in oneself and persevering through challenges can lead to success in any endeavor.
  • Embracing Diversity: Shola recognizes the beauty and importance of diversity. She believes in celebrating and embracing the differences that exist among individuals, cultures, and perspectives. This philosophy has influenced her choice of roles and her commitment to promoting inclusivity within the entertainment industry.
  • Taking Risks and Embracing Change: Shola understands the significance of taking risks and stepping out of her comfort zone. She believes that growth and personal development often come from embracing change and venturing into new territories.
  • Empowerment and Advocacy: Shola is passionate about empowering others and using her platform to advocate for important causes. She believes in lifting others up and using her voice to create positive change in society.
  • Gratitude and Mindfulness: Shola practices gratitude and mindfulness in her daily life. She appreciates the present moment, expressing gratitude for her achievements and the opportunities that come her way.
  • Continuous Learning and Growth: Shola believes in the importance of continuous learning and personal growth. She seeks out opportunities to expand her skills, knowledge, and perspectives, understanding that growth is a lifelong journey.
  • Authenticity and Self-Expression: Shola values authenticity and encourages others to embrace their true selves. She believes in the power of self-expression and encourages individuals to be true to who they are, both in their personal lives and in their chosen careers.

Awards and Legacy

Dorcas Shola Fapson’s talent and dedication to her craft have been recognized through various awards and nominations. Additionally, she has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry, leaving behind a notable legacy. Here are some highlights of her awards and her evolving legacy:

  • Nominations and Recognitions: Shola has been nominated for several prestigious awards in the Nigerian entertainment industry. These nominations serve as a testament to her acting prowess and the impact she has made on audiences and critics alike.
  • Rising Star: Shola is widely regarded as a rising star in the Nigerian entertainment scene. Her exceptional performances have garnered praise, and she continues to impress both viewers and industry professionals with her versatility and talent.
  • Inspirational Figure: Shola’s journey in the entertainment industry serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors and actresses. Her determination, hard work, and success demonstrate that with passion and dedication, dreams can be achieved.
  • Breaking Barriers: Shola is known for breaking barriers and challenging societal norms. She has taken on diverse roles that tackle important social issues, sparking conversations and raising awareness about topics such as women’s rights, gender equality, and mental health.
  • Positive Representation: Shola’s on-screen presence has contributed to positive representation in the media. Her portrayal of strong, complex, and relatable characters showcases the depth and range of African talent and challenges stereotypes in the industry.
  • Advocacy and Impact: Shola actively uses her platform to advocate for causes close to her heart. Through her social media presence, she raises awareness about important social issues and lends her voice to campaigns aimed at creating positive change in society.
  • Cultural Influence: Shola’s performances have not only captivated Nigerian audiences but have also garnered attention on the international stage. Her talent and cultural influence have helped to elevate the visibility of Nigerian entertainment globally.


  • Banana Island Ghost (2017): In this supernatural romantic comedy, Shola played the lead role of Ijeoma, a young woman who encounters a ghost and embarks on a captivating journey.
  • Chief Daddy (2018): In this star-studded comedy film, Shola portrayed the character of Linda, a vibrant and lively young woman connected to the wealthy Chief Daddy and his family.
  • The Island (2018): Shola showcased her acting prowess in this drama film, portraying the character of Teniola, a young woman who finds herself on an isolated island with others, trying to survive a mysterious illness outbreak.
  • Ojukokoro (2016): In this crime thriller, Shola played the role of Bidemi, a bank cashier who gets caught up in a high-stakes heist.
  • Elevator Baby (2019): Shola delivered a compelling performance in this drama film, playing the role of Folakemi, a pregnant woman who gets trapped in an elevator with a troubled young man.
  • Moms at War (2018): Shola portrayed the character of Jasmine in this comedy film, which tells the story of two competitive mothers engaged in a hilarious battle to secure a spot for their children in a prestigious school.


In conclusion, Dorcas Shola Fapson is a talented Nigerian actress who has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. From her early life to her educational journey and acting career, she has demonstrated resilience, passion, and a commitment to her craft. Despite the challenges and obstacles she has faced, Shola has emerged as a rising star, leaving a lasting impact on the industry and inspiring others along the way.

Through her movies, Shola has showcased her versatility and ability to bring characters to life, tackling diverse roles and addressing important social issues. She has been recognized with nominations for various awards, highlighting her talent and the positive reception of her performances.

Beyond her on-screen work, Shola’s legacy extends to her advocacy and influence. She has used her platform to raise awareness about social issues and promote positive change. Her authenticity, passion, and dedication to making a difference have resonated with audiences, making her a role model for aspiring actors and actresses.

As she continues to navigate her career, Shola’s impact on the industry and society is poised to grow. With her talent, versatility, and commitment to creating meaningful content, she is set to leave an indelible mark on the Nigerian entertainment industry and beyond.