7 Ways to Get a First-Class or Distinction in School

5 Characteristics of First Class Students

Every serious student who is admitted to tertiary institutions hopes to graduate with a first class/distinction degree, but the reality is that the number of first class students in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions is decreasing. Here are some steps that, if carefully followed, will allow any student who aspires to make first class in school to do so with ease.

Take things seriously from the first day

It is common for students to become so engrossed in the euphoria of being accepted into a higher education institution that they lose sight of the main reason they are in school. It is critical to begin building your grade point from the first day in order to avoid having to play catch up later.

Attend Classes

While attending lectures may not be as important in your first year of school because most courses are what you should have already learned in secondary school and the large number of students in lecture rooms may not make attending lectures appealing, after your first year, attending lectures must be a priority because it allows you to mark attendance in class, which may be the difference between an A or a B, and pick salient points which the lecteur has made.

Understand your Lecturer(s)

As all humans differ in various characteristics, so do your lecturers in how they want things done. While some may prefer that you only understand their notes, others may prefer that you conduct additional research on your own after receiving notes, still others may rely solely on previous questions, and so on. Understanding each lecturer who comes to lecture you is critical. This could be accomplished by seeking advice from students who have taken the lecturer’s courses.

4) Don’t build serious relationships with the opposite sex

While in school, it is critical to maintain only platonic relationships with the opposite sex. This may be difficult, especially if you are a pretty lady or a handsome guy, but the truth is that maintaining any serious relationships will consume valuable time that you could have spent studying.

5) Learn to study

This is usually the most difficult part of a student’s life because there are so many distractions in higher education, but unfortunately, it is the most important step on your way to making a first class in school. While most students deceive themselves by sleeping and waking in the library without actually studying, it is critical to devote at least two quality hours to studying every day.

6) Rub mind with others

No man is an island; no matter how hard you study, you will never know everything; there will always be some things that you will not know, but someone else’s knowledge could help you with and save you a lot of time trying to figure out how to solve the problem.

7) Put God first

Always keep in mind that God owns all knowledge and only gives it to those he chooses. Learn to prioritize God over every lecture, test, or exam. He is the only person who can help you.