15 Jobs for People With No Skills

15 Jobs for People With No Skills

Numerous individuals assume they need a specific skill set or substantial experience to attain a satisfying career. However, everyone possesses some form of ability, whether it involves problem-solving, attention to detail, or manual dexterity. Even traits like compassion and attentive listening can prove invaluable in the workplace. There are numerous job opportunities accessible to those who believe they have limited skills, as well as positions that necessitate minimal education or provide training while on the job.

What are jobs that don’t require skills?

Entry-level positions, commonly known as unskilled jobs, typically demand minimal to no educational qualifications or prior experience. Such roles are crucial for individuals with limited work experience or those transitioning from high school or college. They serve as a stepping stone, offering an opportunity to acquire experience and progress towards higher-level positions.

Jobs for people with no skills

1.Insurance claims processor

Insurance claims processors are responsible for managing claims on behalf of insurance firms. Typical tasks encompass processing new claims, liaising with insurance agents and beneficiaries regarding claims, assessing claim submissions, managing payments, and ensuring adherence to relevant laws and regulations. Generally, a high school diploma or GED is a prerequisite, and many companies offer on-the-job training.

National average salary: $37,237 per year

2.Security guard

Security guards protect people and property while working for individuals or organizations. Common duties include responding to non-life-threatening emergencies, enforcing company policies and rules, creating incident and activity reports, patrolling areas, and performing perimeter checks regularly. Security guards need a high school diploma or GED. Additional requirements vary by state but usually require at least 48 hours of training during their first 100 days on the job. 

National average salary: $38,747 per year

3.Production worker

Production workers are tasked with crafting and assembling components and goods across diverse industries. Their responsibilities may include utilizing hand or power tools to assemble items on assembly lines, sorting and packaging parts, labeling boxes, conducting quality inspections, and maintaining cleanliness in the assembly area. Generally, a high school diploma or GED is required for production worker roles, along with on-the-job training.

National average salary: $38,859 per year

4.Construction laborer

A construction laborer, also known as a construction worker, undertakes a range of unskilled support duties at a construction site. These tasks may include relocating equipment or supplies, testing equipment, clearing debris or hazardous materials, or operating heavy machinery. Construction workers often labor outdoors in physically demanding conditions. While no specific degree or formal education is mandatory, familiarity with the construction industry could be advantageous.

National average salary: $39,038 per year

5.Dog walker

Dog walker positions require little to no experience or skills aside from a love for animals and perhaps experience working with dogs. Common duties include visiting the home of a dog owner while they are at work and walking their dogs, feeding pets, administering medication, and potentially caring for dogs overnight. Dog walkers may work independently or as part of a dog-walking company. There are usually no educational requirement

National average salary: $42,369 per year


Housekeepers maintain the cleanliness of residential or commercial locations. The duties of a housekeeper include dusting and polishing fixtures and furniture, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces, sanitizing, changing linens, emptying trash receptacles, and cleaning and restocking bathrooms. There’s no minimum educational requirement to become a housekeeper, though a high school diploma or GED is recommended. A housekeeper may start their own business or work for hotels or other companies.

National average salary: $43,222 per year

7.Taxi driver

Taxi drivers operate motor vehicles to transport passengers to their desired locations and back. Typical responsibilities of a taxi driver involve utilizing a GPS for navigation, collecting fare payments from passengers, adhering to all road safety regulations, assisting passengers with luggage or packages, and upholding the cleanliness and functionality of the taxi. While certain states mandate prior experience to become a taxi driver, others do not have such requirements.

National average salary: $45,444 per year


Servers are responsible for serving food to patrons in restaurants or similar food establishments. Their tasks involve taking customer orders, preparing beverages for customers, entering orders into a point of sale (POS) system, and handling customer payments. Additionally, servers may be tasked with performing cleaning and maintenance duties within the restaurant, such as arranging tables for the next day and sanitizing silverware. While some employers may prefer candidates with a high school diploma or equivalent, it may not be a universal requirement.

National average salary: $46,094 per year

9.Truck driver

A truck driver transports goods from one location to another by tractor-trailer. Common duties for truck drivers include reading location and road maps, loading and unloading cargo, verifying loads for accuracy, completing and verifying all paperwork associated with deliveries and pickups, and inspecting the truck to ensure it’s working properly and does not require maintenance.

National average salary: $102,300 per year

10.Administrative assistant

Administrative assistants are vital in maintaining efficient office operations and providing support to staff members. Their responsibilities often involve managing phone calls and emails, scheduling appointments and meetings, arranging travel logistics, handling expense reports, greeting visitors, and generating invoices. While previous experience or specialized skills are not typically mandatory for these roles, a high school diploma or its equivalent is generally required.

National average salary: $50,751 per year


A roofer installs, repairs, and maintains roofs for homes, offices, and other buildings. They may be responsible for removing old roofing materials, performing minor repairs, installing the new roof, and sealing around windows. Some roofers specialize in certain materials, such as metal, asphalt, or terra cotta, or they may focus on residential, commercial, or industrial roofing.

National average salary: $52,841 per year

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12.Sales representative

 Sales representatives sell services and products on behalf of their employers. Their job duties include presenting and promoting products and services, answering related customer questions, following up on leads, making cold calls, achieving sales goals, and working with other members of the sales team. Normally a high school diploma or GED is required and some employers may request bachelor’s degrees in business or marketing. 

National average salary: $74,894 per year


Bartenders prepare and serve a variety of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to customers. They also take orders and offer recommendations to patrons. Bartenders typically work in bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels, and private events, often during evening hours and weekends. While no specific skills or advanced education are required, some states may mandate the completion of a bartending or alcohol certification course. Employers may offer to cover the expenses for candidates interested in attending such courses.

National average salary: $48,269 per year

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14.Delivery driver

Delivery drivers transport items from one location to another in a timely and safe manner. Common duties for delivery drivers include loading and unloading items, ensuring orders are accurate before and after delivery, accepting payment for items being delivered, operating equipment, driving trucks, and other delivery vehicles, and following assigned routes.

National average salary: $69,103 per year


Groundskeepers are responsible for the upkeep of landscaping in various settings such as parks, sports venues, college campuses, and public areas. Additionally, some may work indoors tending to plants in shopping malls, hospitals, or office buildings. They typically operate as part of a team led by a landscape architect. While certain groundskeeper positions may prioritize prior experience, many provide on-the-job training. Individuals seeking career progression can explore certification or pursue degrees in nursery management or landscape technology.

National average salary: $51,749 per year

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How to Find a Career without a Skill

Finding a career as a foreigner without a skill isn’t all that difficult if only you can understand the process. Here are the steps below.

  • Run research on the best places to work as a foreigner without a Skill
  • Start your job search based on the chosen location and job type.
  • Apply for a work visa.
  • Have your CV and Resume reviewed to suit the chosen location and job type. Contact Fasthire Services to help with your review.
  • Find an employer and apply for the job.

Websites to find Careers for Foreigners without Skills

  • Fasthire.
  • Indeed.
  • Glassdoor.
  • Careerjet.